Oak Forest Academy would like to recognize the following people for their purchase of a custom made locker for the JacketPlex and thank them for their generosity.

Bradley & Kristy Berner
Joe Morgan
Carol B. Huber
Gerald & Melinda Giardina
Doug Kent, JR.
Brian & Tammy Baker
David & Bridget Spears
Gale Walker
Brian & Paige Covington
Douglas & Amy Kent
Edward Burns
Bill's Plumbing, LLC
Henry & Stanan Capdeboscq
Kelsey Enterprises, LLC
Bryan Brumfield Insurance Agency
Kip L. Rohner
Steven Sibley
Geoffrey & Heather Koepp
Don & Margaret Carter
Hoppie & Beverly Jones
Daniel & Blair Edwards
Burton & Estelle Newton
David & Tymple Smith
Brock & Heather Muse
Wayne & Denise Mitchell
C.B. & E.J. Forgotston

We would also like to recognize the following people for their monetary donations for the completion of the JacketPlex and thank them for their generosity.

  • Charlie New
  • Kay Moser, D.D.S
  • C.B. Forgotston
  • Bro. Rusty & Melissa Durand
  • Jason & Carmen Brabham
  • James & Billy Clair Tycer for Hannah Covington
  • Ken & Heidi Carter
  • Connie Stewart
  • Craig & Lori Vanderweide
  • In Memory of Lillian McDonald Carter
  • Jerry Rispone Trucking, Inc.
  • Jerry Rispone Dozer, LLC
  • Bryan Brumfield Insurance Agency
  • Douglas Kent, Jr. (Jan, Douglas, Melissa)
  • Steve & Nan Ourso
  • Edward & Lisa Burns
  • Pineland Apartments, LLC
  • Michael Harrelson
  • Michael L. Scandurro
  • Henry & Stanan Capdeboscq
  • Bracy's Nursery, LLC
  • Donelle Braud
  • Hugh Simpson
  • The Gerald Giardina Family
  • Penny McDowell
  • Bradley & Kristy Berner
  • Richard & Suzette Kepner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Giardina
  • Mater Dolorosa Ladies Auxiliary
  • James & Bonnie Barrilleaux
  • Avery & Cynthia Rohner
  • Bill & Angie Cutrer
  • Dean & Vickie Easley
  • Charlie Durand (John Deere)
  • Sidney Bellard
  • Irene Lascaro
  • Thrift-Town Pharmacy
  • Vital Care Home Infusion
  • Ray & Piper Glasgow
  • Robin Phares Wilkinson
  • OFA Patrons Club
  • "The Golf Guys"
  • OFA Golf Tournement Fund
  • Kent-Mitchell Bus Sales, LLC
  • Wayne & Denise Mitchell
  • William M. Carter



(Mrs. JoEllen Carruth, Patrons Club President, presenting a donation check to Coach Brabham for the JacketPlex)

After our 40th Birthday last year, we began a campaign to improve our campus and its facilities.  In an effort to maximize academic space on the main campus and to center our athletic facilities in proximity to our playing fields, we began construction of a new multi-sport athletic facility.  This 12,000 square feet facility will host boys' and girls' locker rooms, weight room, coaches' offices, film/meeting room, and the school store, the Jacket Junction.

Our new facility is aptly named: The JacketPlex!

Our project was started by a generous donation from our Patron's Club and this sum was matched by OFA.  We are now over half way and are in need of funding to finish.  We have over 400 active families and over 2000 members.  With these numbers, if each family could pledge $400, or $100 per month for the next 4 months, we could finish this year!  Or, if every member could donate $100 we would still meet our goal.  Our school is more financially sound than ever and we do not want to incur any debt to finish this project.

The JacketPlex is only one step in our long term plan to improve our campus.  Once this project is complete, we will begin renovation of our old athletic building into a new, state-of-the-art Media Center.  This building will host ancillary classrooms for Art, Foreign Languages, and Music.  The focal point of the Media Center will be a 21st Century Library and Computer Lab.

If you would like to make a donation now, simply scroll to the bottom of page and donate here!

You can also mail donations to:
The JacketPlex Fund
600 Walnut Street
Amite, LA 70422

Give a gift to Oak Forest that will be a benefit to generations.  Thank you!

Jason Brabham