The ACT Test has become increasingly important to all students in Louisiana High Schools. Colleges require certain ACT scores for admissions, and these scores are constantly being raised. All academic scholarships offered by Universities require high ACT Scores. TOPS Scholarships require a student to score at least a 20 on the ACT Test. Of the  three requirements to receive a TOPS Scholarship – 2.5 GPA on Core Curriculum,  completion of  17.5 credits of required core courses, and a 20 on ACT TEST – the ACT Test is most the likely to interfere with students’ educational plans.




1.The path to good ACT Scores really begin early in childhood when children learn to be diligent in study habits. Good grades throughout school give a better probability of a good ACT Score.

2. In ninth grade, when core curriculum courses begin, special emphasis should be given to earning the highest grade possible in these courses. These courses are English I, Physical Science, World Geography, and Algebra I.

3. In tenth grade, the Plan Test ( An in-school ACT Test ) is given to students. This test gives students their first experience with an ACT Test and also has a career component. There is a fee of $10.00, and it is strongly recommended that all sophomores take this test. The Tops courses are English II, Geometry, Biology I, Civics, and possibly Computer Science, and/or Spanish I.

4. In eleventh grade, students should take the ACT Test at least once. This test will give an indication where students stand regarding ACT requirements for Tops and college entry. ACT practice Tests are available at the counselor’s office to help students prepare. To be on track for a 20+ on ACT Test by the senior year, students should score at least an 18 composite score on the ACT by end of Junior year. The TOPS courses are English III, Algebra II, Chemistry, American History, and Spanish I or Spanish II or Computer Science.

5. In twelfth grade, seniors should take the ACT Test several times, or until desired score is achieved. Usually, scores go up some after repeated testings. If desired score is not achieved by midterm, seniors should consider taking an ACT Prep Course. The TOPS courses are English IV, and a combination of Spanish II, Physics, Advanced Math, or Biology II.