Each of the grades, 9 –12, has important factors that parents should be aware of in order to give their child the support necessary to achieve maximum success. The following is a grade by grade description of these factors.

9th Grade


1. This is the first year for earning high school credits for graduation and TOPS.

2. The GPA starts now.

3. Any failed courses must be repeated at OFA or summer school.

4. TOPS courses are: English I, Algebra I, Geography, and Physical Science, or Environmental Science, and possibly a foreign language.

5. To be eligible for TOPS, students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in TOPS Courses.

6. Graduates of 2014 ( this year’s freshman class ) will need 19 credits instead of 17.5 to qualify for TOPS  – 4 units each for Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, 2 units of foreign language, and one unit of Art or a replacement course from the TOPS course list.

7. It is important for students to do their best at all times.


10th Grade


1. Students and parents should be aware of TOPS and overall GPA to this point.

2. If the TOPS GPA is under 2.5, extra effort should be expended on the TOPS courses.

3. All 10th graders should take the PLAN TEST which is given at OFA in November.

   a. The Plan Test is an ACT Test which will give students familiarity with ACT testing.

   b. This test will also project how students will score on the ACT Test in their senior year.

   c. There will be a fee of approximately $10.00 to take this test.

4. The TOPS courses are: English II, Geometry, Civics, Biology, and possibly Spanish I and/or Computer I, or Spanish II.

5. Through hard work, students can still improve their GPA’s.


11th Grade


1. Academically, this is the most challenging grade.

2. Students who wish to qualify for TOPS must take Chemistry.

3. Students should  take the ACT Test at least twice –  preferably in October and April.

4. TOPS courses are: English III, Algebra II, American History, World History, Chemistry, and possibly Spanish I or Spanish II, and Computer I.

5. Students should begin thinking about college and career choices.

6. With a good junior year, students can improve their GPA’s.


12th Grade


1. This year will go by very rapidly.

2. ACT should be taken as often as possible.

   a. ACT given during the months of October, December, February, April, and June.

   b. Seniors need at least a score of 20 to qualify for TOPS.

   c. Most colleges require a score of 20 or higher for admission.

   d. Generally, a score of 24 or higher is needed for scholarship consideration from  universities.

   e. If a student who wishes to qualify for TOPS and has not scored a 20 or higher by January, they should enroll in an ACT Class to    improve their possibilities of success.

3. Students who wish to apply for scholarships from universities and colleges should apply by December, 2010. LSU requires applications by November 15th.

4. Students should apply for every scholarship for which they qualify.

5. Students should begin narrowing down the list of their college or career choices.

6. TOPS courses are English IV, possibly Spanish II or Advanced Math or PhysicsComputer I,World History, or Environmental Science.

   a. Note: the Advanced Math or Physics may take the place of the Fine Art Survey Requirement.

7. Seniors should continue to work diligently.


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Sidney Bellard