Often, students do not see the reason/reasons for taking language courses. Here are some reasons why language courses are important.

1. All students in all parts of the civilized world take language courses in

elementary, high school,  and college. Language courses help to

make communication easier by standardizing the language a

country speaks .

a. Without universal language instruction, language would

deteriorate to a point where we could not

understand people from other states or even

from other parishes.


2. Language classes enable one to express himself/herself more effectively.

a. Others judge and evaluate us by our speech. The first

impression we make on others is often by our

speech. Effective job interviews and friendships

are often dependent on good language skills.


3. Language credits are necessary to be graduated from Oak Forest

Academy. (Four credits)


4. All college curriculums require at least four units of language.


5. Language skills are part of the ACT and SAT Tests which will determine

if you get TOPS and other scholarships. The ACT and/or the SAT

will also determine your qualification for college entry.


6. Any ability and/or intelligence test you will take for job and school

qualification  will have an English component to it.

a. Increasingly, employers are requiring tests before job entry.


7. To be the best that you can be, you must develop your language skills.

Your language skills are a window to your intellect and

personality ( What do others see when they look into your

window? )


8. Language courses give us the opportunity to correct improper speech

patterns we use in our daily lives.