Many students have difficulty relating Social Studies to future employment or having any other relevance to their future needs. Here are some reasons why Social Studies is very relevant to intellectual growth.


1. Explains your relationship to others and the world.


2. Social studies gives us the opportunity to express higher order thinking

skills, skill which help us express our human qualities.


3. Social studies gives us the ability to appreciate other people and



4. Social studies is part of the ACT Test, a test which will determine your

TOPS eligibility, scholarship opportunities, and for which college

you will qualify.


5. To be graduated from Oak Forest Academy, you need four credits in

social studies.


6. Most college curriculums require some credits in social studies (Usually

4 credits)


7. Social studies can provide the skills necessary to make good choices in

selecting our leadership in the voting process.


8. Social studies gives us a lesson on human behavior by helping

understand people and their motives.


9. As humans, we are at the top of the animal kingdom. Knowledge of

social studies can teach us the responsibilities of that position.


10. If we learn only from our own experiences, our intellectual growth will

be limited. Social studies provides us the opportunity to learn from

the experiences of others; therefore, our possibilities for

intellectual growth are multiplied.


11.Finally, social studies helps us to understand ourselves–an important

step to understanding others.