• Alumni Registration Begins: Tuesday, March 12th and ends Friday, March 15th

  • New Student Registration Begins: Wednesday, April 3rd

  • Priority Registration Begins: Wednesday, April 3rd and ends Friday, April 5th. Priority registration is for families who purchased their membership prior to registration (membership can be purchased at anytime). The membership "Date of Purchase" will act as a priority over a family who bought theirs at a later date.

Students will be registered and given priority in the following order and must register during the designated registration period:

First Priority: Students currently enrolled in OFA and their siblings.  Also, children of OFA faculty members will receive this priority.

Second Priority: Students entering OFA who had a sibling that graduated from OFA within a three-year period, must register at the time of returning student registration.

Third Priority: Children of Alumni must register within the designated registration period.

Fourth Priority: Students who did not attend OFA the preceding year or those who were enrolled the previous year but withdrew before the end of the year.  **

*When a registraion period ends, that priority is lost*
**To qualify as a sibling, the child must physically reside at the same residence as the sibling and the OFA member must have legal and physical custody of the child**

Registration and Fees:

To register for classes, a registration fee for each child must be paid each year. Upon entering Oak Forest Academy for the first time, registration forms for each student must be completed.  Registration forms can be picked up in the front office.

Membership Fee: $750.00 per family (effective September 1, 2009)
Membership fees are payable at the time application for membership is made. This fee
must be paid before any action on the application can be taken. Once approved, this fee
in non-refundable and the membership is non-transferable.

Registration Fee: $ 150.00 per child each year
The Registration fee must be paid when the student is registered for class. If a child is
registered after the registration deadline, there will be a $ 50.00 late registration fee
assessed for each month after the deadline. Any late fees must be paid along with the
registration fee before the child is considered registered. Registration and late
registration fees are non-refundable.

Building Maintenance Fee: $200.00 per family
In order to maintain our rapidly aging facilities, a building maintenance fee has been
established. Each OFA family will be required to contribute $200.00 at the time of registration.